Enjoy Thanksgiving at Serea

Enjoy Thanksgiving at Serea

Are you looking for a great Thanksgiving dinner that you can enjoy with your whole family? Do you want to avoid cooking and the resulting pile of dirty dishes that follows? Then it’s time to make a reservation for Thanksgiving at Serea Coastal Cuisine. Not only will our Thanksgiving menu be full of the fresh, top-quality foods that Serea is known for, but we’ll take care of the cooking so you can truly enjoy your time with your family.

The Thanksgiving Menu at Serea

Our Thanksgiving Tasting Menu is available from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Thanksgiving Day. Your multi-course meal will start off with roasted honeynut squash featuring flavors of goat cheese mousse, pomegranate, honey tamarind glaze, and coriander. Next, we’ll move on to the duck tajin. This rich duck is prepared with dry apricot, preserved lemon, olives, parsnip, and fregola, making for a beautiful combination of complementary flavors. For dessert, you’ll enjoy a chocolate profiterole puff “Puff Daddy” with chocolate mousse, pink peppercorn caramel, and gold.

This special menu delivers Serea’s take on an ideal Thanksgiving meal. The multiple courses are enough to leave you satisfied and full without feeling that you’ve overeaten. Our choice of duck as the main course is a refreshing take on the traditional turkey, and all of the courses are imbued with fresh, flavorful ingredients that our chef has carefully chosen.

thanksgiving menu for serea

Thanksgiving is Affordable at Serea

The best part about our Thanksgiving menu? It’s affordable enough so that you can share this holiday dinner with your whole family. This tasting menu is just $95 per person, and children ages four through 10 are only $30. Children age three and under eat free. No matter how large your family is, you can enjoy this special meal.

Additional Reasons to Celebrate Thanksgiving at Serea

When you choose to celebrate Thanksgiving at Serea, you’ll be better able to enjoy your Thanksgiving. If you have family coming in from out of town, then you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your time with them instead of spending most of your time preparing the meal in the kitchen. Without having to worry about cooking, your holiday will be low-stress, and you’ll be able to enjoy the meal without being tired from a full day of preparation.

Dining at Serea can also make for a refreshing change of scenery. What better way to reflect on everything that you’re thankful for than to enjoy the beautiful setting of the Hotel del Coronado, just steps from the beach? Our welcoming atmosphere will have the whole family feeling at home, and the stunning view is perfect for your holiday celebration. Enjoy a specialty cocktail created at our indoor/outdoor bar, order some bottles of wine for the whole table, and enjoy spending quality time with friends and family.

After your meal, take a walk out to the beach and capture some photos of this special occasion. It can be difficult to get your whole family together, and the ocean’s backdrop is ideal for some meaningful, treasured family photos to complete your holiday.

Join Us at Serea for Thanksgiving

With so many great reasons to enjoy Thanksgiving at Serea, your family won’t be the only one to take advantage of this great offer and special event. Make sure to make a reservation online, or call us at (619) 435-6611 to reserve your spot. We look forward to seeing you, your family, and friends on this very special Thanksgiving.