Get to Know the Popular Items on Serea’s Menu

Get to Know the Popular Items on Serea’s Menu

Sustainable Seafood for San Diego at Serea

Serea makes a name for itself with popular menu items that give San Diego residents and visitors alike something to look forward to. With each item based on sustainable, seasonal, and local ingredients, the coastal cuisine enjoyed here brings a worldly twist. The chef, Jojo Ruiz, has earned recognition as one of the most promising young chefs in San Diego. His style brings about the freshest California ingredients coupled with techniques, flavors, and methods inspired from all over the world which is why so many menu items highlight a Mediterranean flair. Each item is comprised of freshly caught sea life from that day, and whether you enjoy a fan favorite hot or cold item, it is sure to bring mouthwatering surprises with every bite. 

At the start of the meal, you will feel as though you stepped off the coast of San Diego and into Barcelona as you order from the collection of Spanish style tapas for your appetizer. Try the patatas bravas with chili garlic aioli, local halibut ceviche, or lobster croquettes. 

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Vegan Options on the Serea Menu

For vegans, at best a local restaurant includes a few sparse dishes that are almost all the same but not here. At Serea, vegan items are given the same care and culinary design as any other dish. Appetizers include such items as wood roasted cauliflower with marcona almond salsa; or zucchini and eggplant chips served with tzatziki. Tasty and filling, the zucchini pesto cavatappi goes above and beyond with added almond parmesan on top, a finishing touch that is nearly unheard of for vegans. 

Shellfish Selection on Serea’s Menu

Shellfish can be served ice cold or wood roasted, both options replete with oysters from both sides of the United States, shrimp from Mexico, and other delights. If you want oysters in particular, dip your baja, west coast, or east coast daily selections in a cucumber-cilantro mignonette with baja cocktail sauce. With fish priced by the pound, it is easy to pick the weight you would enjoy most. Find fish that fill the average appetite at 1.5 pounds, or if you are in the mood for something heftier, a 2 or 3 pound fish is also available such as the wood grilled vermilion rock cod or flash fried gold spotted sea bass. From the local waters you can pick the flash fried blackgill rockfish or the wood grilled spot prawns. 

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No matter the tasty treat you enjoy there are sides that make it even better, including braised black kale served in a white wine sauce with garlic and shallots. Wood roasted brussel sprouts topped with pancetta, Spanish style mixed mushrooms, and even Greek fries lie in wait. 

Desserts are as creative as they come. Sticking to their seafood theme, dessert options might sound normal enough in ingredients, chocolate with fruit and toppings, but the presentation is key; white chocolate with seemingly open clam shell designs, inside of which are pearls of sorbet, really brings things home for the night. 

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