Getting Started at Serea Coastal Cuisine

Getting Started at Serea Coastal Cuisine

What’s a meal without appetizers? At Serea Coastal Cuisine, we get your meals started right! After all, what’s better than fresh caught tableside fish? The answer is simple, an appetizer that’s fine tuned to prime your taste buds for the most exquisite San Diego seafood experience you can ever feast upon. Heck, our appetizers are so good, you can make a light meal out of them over a couple drinks with friends and call it a day, but after a couple bites and a sip or two, you’re going to want to stay for a full three courses. What can we say? We’re just telling it how it is.

What are we getting started with?

Our appetizers range from juicy chicken to crispy calamari, from ceviche to kabobs, from veggie to land to sea. We’ve got options for everybody, so let’s get into it! 

Serea Mezze – Marinated olives, marcona almonds, hummus tahini, salsa macha, whipped farmer’s cheese, grilled pita.

Tuna Tartare – Citrus, cucumber, avocado, pine nut, mint, cilantro, pita chips.

Charcoal Grilled Octopus – Marble potato, red onion, sumac, olive, red chimichurri.

Garlic Harissa Chicken Kabob – Roasted pepper tapenade, harissa yogurt, flat bread.

Crispy Calamari – Lemon chili aioli, pine nut, lemon, caper, parsley.

Zucchini & Eggplant Chips – Lemon, parsley, oregano.

Crispy Saganaki – Kefalotyri cheese, tomato, peppadew peppers, bagna cauda, lemon.

Local Halibut Ceviche – Cucumber, avocado, limon, coconut, agave pickled serrano, spring onion.

Wood Roasted Cauliflower – Crispy chickpea, marcona almonds salsa, pepper romesco.

If all of the above is getting you in the door, then you might want to stick around for the full menu! The greatest thing about being the best Seafood Restaurant in San Diego is that everybody always comes back for more– whether it’s the food, the drinks, the atmosphere, or a little bit of everything, we can’t wait to see you enjoy what we do best!


Just remember, our tables fill up fast! While reservations are by no means a requirement, they are strongly encouraged, especially if you know what day you want to roll in for some of the best seafood you’ve ever had. 


Serẽa is proud to bring an exquisite sea-to-table dining experience to San Diego in a comfortable yet sophisticated setting.

Located just steps from the beach in the legendary Hotel del Coronado, the restaurant’s key focus is the bounty of the sea. The menu focuses on sustainable seafood, with a coastal cuisine menu that spotlights the best of the region’s oceans, farms and fields, ranging from the California Coast down to the Baja Peninsula.

Creative cuisine with a global flair is prepared by San Diego’s own Chef Jojo Ruiz, who creates elegant, fresh dishes with just a hint of Mediterranean flair.


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