JoJo & Friends Dinner Series

JoJo & Friends Dinner Series

Science shows us that the key to staying  young and healthy is to keep learning. When we learn new things, try new adventures, or go to new events, we force our brain to develop new neurons and keep the existing ones clean from plaque that eventually leads to memory loss and aging. 

So, help your brain stay young by attending a Chefs Dinner special event at one of the top San Diego Restaurants! At Serea, we offer a range of luxury foods mixed with uniquely crafted cocktails, all in one of the most stunning environments in San Diego, but now we are offering a chance to do more. We are offering a chance to attend a unique dining experience that goes beyond a simple night at a restaurant and gives you memories to last a lifetime. 

What is it?

This new event is the JoJo & Friends Dinner Series! This series is a once in a lifetime event, something to help offset those Monday blues and get your week off to a great start. 

When you buy a ticket to this Chefs Table you get to learn all about the inner workings of the dining experience, what pairs with what, and how to tell. Get to know the chef who prepares the food you love, enjoy a delicious dinner among an exclusive group of people, and of course, relax with signature cocktails in hand. 

For this event, Chef JoJo will host a dinner series with other talented chefs he is closely associated with. So when you book your reservation you will get to meet with such names as Chef JoJo Ruiz himself, even people like Drew Deckman. 

How it Works

The theme of the series will be ‘Fire & Ice’ and with that theme comes a special dinner/cocktail design. 

It is a series that will last 5 months, starting in November. Once per month, on a selected Monday, the event will take place and you can be among the guests at the Chef’s Table, helping your brain stay young while satiating your taste buds and enjoying a rolling good time.

With each event there will be a cocktail pairing at the dinner. In fact, alcohol will be the theme of each evening. The catch? You won’t necessarily know which alcohol serves as the focus of your special Chef’s Dinner. It could be wine, or tequila, even sake! There is so much room for creativity and surprise here. 

How do We Attend?

The tickets are $150 each. When you purchase a ticket for one of these events, you get an all exclusive experience. 

Don’t wait. There are only 75 tickets for each event. 

The first dinner is going to be a partnership between JoJo and Drew Deckman, but the remainder of the dinner events will be just as exciting. 

Buy a Ticket today!