Spotlight on Serea’s Wood Grilled Seafood Menu

Spotlight on Serea’s Wood Grilled Seafood Menu

If you’re looking for delicious, fresh-caught seafood in Coronado, California, there’s no better place to go than Serea Coastal Cuisine. Nestled right within the Hotel del Coronado, Serea is right where the perfect seafood restaurant should be – steps from the beach. Thanks to the dedication to environmentally friendly, fresh -caught seafood, your sea-to-table dining experience is bound to be unforgettable.

Chef Jojo Ruiz infuses all of Serea’s creative dishes with a hint of Mediterranean flair for delicious flavors. But if you’re looking for something unique, turn your eyes to the wood grilled section of our menu. These dishes embody everything that Serea is known for, and you can’t go wrong when you choose any of them for your meal.

Serea’s Wood Grilled Seafood

Chef Jojo Ruis is a fan of letting the natural flavors of seafood come through in a dish – he’s noted, “In San Diego we have such incredible access to some of the best seafood, produce and meats in the country…we’re going to let the beauty of the ingredients do the talking.” And that’s just what he’s done with the wood grilled options on our menu. These fish and lobster selections are carefully grilled over wood for a flavor that enhances their natural taste, rather than masking it. This makes for a special, delicious dish.

We offer a Pacifico Striped Bass, “Huachinango” Red Snapper, San Diego Rockfish, and Lobster, all prepared over a wood grill. The rockfish and red snapper are both from California waters, and the rockfish is caught right here in San Diego – it couldn’t be any fresher. The striped bass comes from Ensenada, Mexico, and the lobster is caught in Maine, the lobster capital of the country. When you dine at Serea, you’ll know exactly where your seafood comes from. It’s just one of the ways that we focus on providing sustainable, responsibly caught seafoods, and ensuring that you’re getting the best quality ingredients available.

Additional Options with Similar Flavors

If you love the taste of a dish cooked over wood but are looking for something different, consider our wood roasted options, too. Indulge in West and East Coast Oysters, Maine Lobster, Mexican Blue Shrimp, or Seasonal Crab. These dishes reflect that same type of flavor that you’ll find in our wood grilled options, and they also include premium, fresh seafoods.

Serea: A Dedication to Sustainability

When you visit Serea multiple times, you’ll notice that our menu changes with the seasons. That’s due to our sustainable practices and our dedication to using seasonal ingredients. That dedication to sustainability has allowed Serea to be awarded the prestigious Smart Catch Award and to hold the designation of being an Ocean-Friendly Restaurant according to the criteria of the Surfrider Foundation.

Earning the Smart Catch Award isn’t easy. Of the more than 76,000 restaurants in California today, less than 20 have received this award. It’s an incredible honor that recognizes Serea’s and Chef Ruiz’s dedication to preserving the oceans and the environment for generations to come.

We’re proud of this dedication, and want you to enjoy it with us. Whether you’re tempted by our wood grilled selections or any other items on our menu, come enjoy all that Serea has to offer. Make your reservation today and see why San Diego loves Serea.