Sustainable Seafood Is Top Priority at Serea. Here’s Why…

Sustainable Seafood Is Top Priority at Serea. Here’s Why…

What Is Sustainable Seafood and Why Is It Important to Serea?

Nearly three-quarters of our planet is water, and a majority of the life on earth is found within these waters. Throughout history, the oceans and seas have provided ample seafood for us to enjoy. Still, it’s important to remember that the earth’s waters aren’t an unlimited resource and how fish is caught or farmed has a tremendous impact on the environment and the vitality of marine life. This is especially true in coastal regions that are home to some of the best fresh seafood restaurants in the world. 

Seafood is delicious and healthy, and if we want to continue enjoying it, it’s important that we become more aware of where and how the seafood we consumer is sourced. Today, more restaurants are taking these responsibilities very seriously. In San Diego, one such restaurant is Serea, with an unstoppable and admirable commitment to sustainable seafood. 

What’s the Difference Between Sustainable Seafood and Other Practices?

While the earth’s oceans and seas may seem vast and capable of providing an endless bounty of seafood to the world, this isn’t the case. Marine environments around the world are experiencing the stress of pollution, environmental change and overfishing. This has caused a noticeable disruption in marine ecosystems. 

In the 1990s, environmentalist and scientists noticed the destruction that was occurring in marine ecosystems, and from this awareness the sustainable seafood movement was born. The goal of the sustainable seafood movement has been to inform consumers and provide them with the opportunity to make informed choices about the seafood they consume and the impact that their choices have on the biodiversity of marine life around the world. 

Today, partners in the sustainable seafood movement have invested more than two decades in sustainable practices by supporting and promoting seafood that is either farmed or caught in a manner that considers the long term impact on marine ecosystems, species vitality and the livelihood of local fishing communities. 

Sustainable seafood practices apply to both farmed and wild caught fish and shellfish. If sustainable practices are adhered to, seafood can be one of the most nutritious and environmentally sounds sources of protein in the entire world. 

As consumers, it’s important to be aware of sustainable fishing practices and ensure that we’re making choices that support responsible practices and the hardworking fishing communities that provide us with delicious, fresh fish and shellfish. 

The United States has laws and regulations in effect to support a certain level of sustainable fishing practices. According to these laws, commercial fishing must follow guidelines that prevent overfishing, help to rebuild depleted marine life communities, conserve marine habitats, minimize interactions with protected species and take into consideration the economic health and vitality of fishing communities. 

Even with these protections in place, a great deal of the sustainable seafood movement is supported by organizations and businesses that are personally and financially invested in further supporting sustainable practices, preserving our oceans and protecting local fishing communities. 

Surfrider Foundation Homepage

Surfrider Foundation 

One of the most powerful partners in the sustainable seafood movement is the Surfrider Foundation. The Surfrider Foundation was started in 1984 by a group of surfers from Malibu. Their goal was to protest the overdevelopment and pollution that was affecting Malibu Point. Today, the Surfrider Foundation has transitioned into a major grassroots organization that champions sustainable practices for marine environments and those who make their livelihood from the fishing industry. 

The Surfrider Foundation is now a worldwide organization with more than a quarter million supporters. While the organization digs in deep to raise awareness of issues facing the earth’s oceans, their primary areas of focus include beach access, clean water, coastal preservation, ocean pollution and plastic pollution. 

The Surfrider Foundation has multiple chapters along the coastal regions of the United States and Canada. Being born in Malibu, the coastal regions of California are a major focal point for many of their current active chapters – including San Diego, which also happens to be the new home of the much anticipated seafood restaurant, Serea. 

Serea Chef Prepares Sustainable Seafood Dish

Serea’s Commitment to Sustainable Seafood

Serea is a sustainable concept San Diego seafood restaurant that is opening this May in the historic Hotel del Coronado. The iconic hotel and resort sits on a shoreline overlooking the city of San Diego. Considering its location, one would expect Serea to master the art of oceanic cuisine, but for this new San Diego restaurant, the love of the ocean actually goes much deeper. 

Serea is a restaurant of Clique Hospitality, a boutique hospitality group that has elevated the dining and nightlife experiences in Las Vegas, Washington D.C. and San Diego. Andy Masi, the owner of Clique Hospitality and Serea Chef JoJo Ruiz are deeply passionate about sustainable seafood practices and actively support the work of the Surfrider Foundation in promoting sustainable practices in San Diego. 

Serea will be a “sea to table” beach restaurant in the Hotel del Coronado. Chef Ruiz’s menu provides an elevated dining experience in San Diego with a focus on fresh, sustainable seafood that also supports the area’s local fishing communities and farmers. 

Serea will be certified as an Ocean Friendly Restaurant, meaning that they take protecting the environment and marine ecosystems very seriously. As such, Serea is committed to eliminating the use of plastic straws, Styrofoam to-go containers and other common disposable wares that pose a risk to marine and environmental health. Chef JoJo Ruiz, Clique Hospitality and the team at Serea will work to provide upscale dining in San Diego that doesn’t compromise their commitment to sustainable and environmentally conscious practices. 

Enjoy the Bounty at Serea Coastal Cuisine

When we work to support sustainable practices, we are rewarded with a bounty of seafood that is ethically sourced with minimal impact on marine environments. Chef JoJo Ruiz has created a menu at Serea that highlights the unique character of local, fresh seafood. Join him and his team at Serea in the Hotel del Coronado this May to experience seafood in an incredible new way. Make your Reservations Today!