The Best Raw Bar Items in San Diego

The Best Raw Bar Items in San Diego

Serẽa brings a unique sea-to-table dining experience to the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego. 

Located just steps from the beach, our menu focuses on sharing the bounty of the ocean with an extensive collection of environmentally friendly dishes, including both raw and cooked options. 

Chef Jojo Ruiz and his team impeccably prepare every item on our menu and source all ingredients from a variety of carefully chosen local suppliers. The results are a menu of elegant, fresh dishes with just a touch of Mediterranean flair.

Explore the top Raw Bar Options in San Diego

To truly appreciate the flavors of the sea, we recommend tasting selections from our Raw Bar. Unlike land animals, fish do not have to fight gravity to support their bodies. Because fish tend to use their muscles less, their meat is softer and ideal for consuming raw. 

All our seafood are ethically sourced from local suppliers and served up fresh just for you. Our raw bar options include the following fine seafood selections:

Fresh Oysters at Serea 

At Serea, our oysters are served with fresh tangy lemon slice, our house made cucumber-cilantro mignonette, and our Baja style cocktail sauce. Just like a fine wine, oysters from different regions take on a variety of flavors and textures. 

East Coast Oysters: Oysters from the East Coast of the United States are often larger and thinner with a saltier taste and a chewier texture. 

West Coast Oysters: Oysters from the West Coast of the U.S. tend to be smaller than their East Coast rivals, with a sweeter taste and a more tender texture. They are less saltier and may have hints of melon or cucumber flavors. 

Baja Oysters: Oysters from the Baja region are firmer, with a unique but still salty flavor, and a creamy texture. 

Serea Coastal Cuisine - Raw Bar San Diego

Sashimi Options at Serea 

At Serea, we take seafood seriously, which is why we use the highest quality fish for each of our delicious sashimi options. Sashimi is fresh fish that is sliced and enjoyed raw. Unlike its sister dish sushi, sashimi is not served with rice. This allows you to enjoy the unique textures and flavors of each piece of fish. 

Our Sashimi options include: 

Baja Hiramasa: Yellow kingfish, with a buttery texture and mild flavor, is dressed with lime, cilantro, mind, cashews, dried cherries, and a spicy schug sauce. 

Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna: Fresh tuna, with perfect marbling, is served up caper relish, shiso, crispy onions, pickled fennel, and tangy 20-year aged balsamic vinegar. 

Baja Striped Sea Bass: Fresh striped sea bass, with its slightly minerally flavor, is dressed with tomato, fresh San Diego seaweed salsa, and seaweed chicharron. 

San Diego Sea Urchin: Sea urchin’s sweet, ocean-like flavor is complemented with charred scallion relish, fresh lime, and a touch of olive oil.

Explore Other Menu Options 

In addition to our raw seafood options, Serea’s menu includes an expansive selection of sustainably caught seafood, including vegetarian and vegan options. Whether you are craving options from the land or the sea, a delicious meal awaits you at our beautiful ocean-side restaurant. 

Explore a few favorite dishes below, or view our entire menu here. 

Fresh Salads: Explore our selection of fresh salads, including our Greek Salad, Chickpea and spinach salad, and Beet & Grain salad. 

Appetizers: Our appetizer menu includes a unique selection of smaller plates that highlight the flavors and textures of the oceans. Favorite options include Tuna Tartare, Local Halibut Ceviche, Crispy Calamari, and Charcoal Grilled Octopus.

Wood Grilled Fish: Enjoy your choice of striped sea bass, rock cod, prawns, or lobster cooked to perfection on our open wood fire grill. Our fish is seasoned simply with olive oil, lemon, red wine vinegar and sea salt. 

Flash Fried Fish: Choose from blackgilll rock fish, red snapper, or gold spotted sea bass. All fish is deboned tableside and seasoned simply so you can enjoy their natural flavors. 

From the Land: If you are not in the mood for seafood, consider ordering our roasted chicken, 8oz filet, t-bone or perfectly grilled lamb chops. 

Vegetarian/Vegan Options: In addition to several tasty salads, our menu features several delicious vegetarian and vegan options, including woodrasted cauliflower appetizer, zucchini pesto cavatappi, vegetarian paella, braised black kale, and Spanish-style mixed mushrooms.  

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Serẽa is the ideal place to enjoy the best raw bar items in San Diego and the best seafood that Southern California has to offer. Relax and enjoy the soothing sounds of the ocean as you enjoy fresh, sustainably caught seafood with family and friends. 

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