The Best San Diego Seafood at Serea

The Best San Diego Seafood at Serea

Have you ever looked at a menu and felt intimidated by all the options? Well, the sentiment is no different when you’re looking for some seafood. We know we’ll win you over with repeat visits, but still, you want to know you made the right choice for the evening, so we’re going to go through an item from each course, just to show you some of the options. When you arrive, you’re welcome to look through our entire menu, but after reading this article, you might have already made your mind up. Let’s give you a small taste of what Serea has to offer.




When in doubt, our Simple Greens salad with butter lettuce, shaved fennel, radish, candy stripe bet, and creamy sherry vinaigrette is always a great choice. Not only is it gluten free and vegan, it’s a light option to set the tone for dinner. It’s best not to fill up before the main course, and our Simple Greens Salad we get you started on the right foot.




Sometimes appetizers are a tough call. On one hand, you might want to share it with somebody at the table, but on the other hand, they’re so good you want to save it all for yourself. At the end of the day, we think the best way to approach a seafood appetizer is to order a few different options for the table, but if you want a winner, our take on Crispy Calamari with lemon chili aioli, pine nut, lemon, caper, and parsley is sure to win everybody over.




Our shellfish can either be ordered individually or for the table. If that’s not already enough decision making, they can be served either ice cold or wood roasted. Since we’re potentially talking about the whole table here, let’s talk about the options real quick. Serea Coastal Cuisine offers a choice from East, West & Baja Oysters, Mexican Blue Shrimp, Maine Lobster, and Seasonal Crab. Decisions, decisions…




If you’re looking for a savory seafood undertaking, our Gilled Local Swordfish with marble potato, English pease, green olive salsa verde, and garlic butter is just right for you. Our swordfish is savory with just the right amount of bite to it to have you coming back for more.




We understand that not everybody in your party may want seafood, and we’re always willing to accommodate. Might we suggest the Grilled Lamb Chops with marble potato, mustard greens, charred eggplant puree, and chermoula. These aren’t like any other lamb chop you’ve had before!


Serẽa is proud to bring an exquisite sea-to-table dining experience to San Diego in a comfortable yet sophisticated setting.

Located just steps from the beach in the legendary Hotel del Coronado, the restaurant’s key focus is the bounty of the sea. The menu focuses on sustainable seafood, with a coastal cuisine menu that spotlights the best of the region’s oceans, farms and fields, ranging from the California Coast down to the Baja Peninsula.

Creative cuisine with a global flair is prepared by San Diego’s own Chef Jojo Ruiz, who creates elegant, fresh dishes with just a hint of Mediterranean flair.